Starting May 1st and running till May 7th, you can grab daily social media messages and calls to action from:


Key Messaging

Though we will be providing key messages that you can share during MMH Awareness week below are some additional statements you might consider using in newsletters and more.  

  • Postpartum depression often starts before giving birth.

  • The mother-child bond starts with mental health.

  • Maternal mental health complications are more common than gestational diabetes but often overlooked.

  • Are you the 1 in 7?

  • Ask her how she’s really feeling.

  • Ask her how she’s really sleeping.

  • Ask her how she’s really doing.

  • Learn about it. Talk about it. Because mothers and babies matter.


Social Media and Web Components

To help lift the stigma associated with maternal mental health complications, we have created two different social media cover photos you can use during the first week of May, in addition to the daily social media posts, to help raise the volume that every mother and baby matter. Choose one for the week or change it up, and use both at different times during the week. 

Facebook Cover Photo 1

Facebook Cover Photo 2

Facebook Cover Photo 3



Twitter Cover Photo 1


Twitter Cover Photo 2


To kick off MMH Awareness Week, we are asking partners to add a twibbon to their social media profiles. Twibbons are a fun way to show your support of a cause by adding a message to your profile picture seamlessly. Grab your twibbon at


Here are some resources you can use during MMH Awareness Week. Click on the text to take you to the resource.

Mother & Family RESOURCES:


Screening Tools RESOURCES:

Awareness RESOURCES: