March 15, 2017                 Webinar: Maternal Mental Health Walk

Join us to learn how you can raise MMH awareness and funds by leading a walking team at your local Maternal Mental Health Walk this Spring.

Why this matters and What we did

In 2016, 2020 Mom formed a walking team in our home town, L.A. to raise awareness for maternal mental health disorders. Untreated maternal mental health disorders which occur in pregnancy are a leading cause of pre-term and low birth weight babies.  And having a baby that needs to be placed in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) also puts mothers at risk of a postpartum mental health challenge.

 We figured, it's the perfect place to meet at-risk families and share information all while getting some sunshine and exercise and connecting with each other (things that keep our team healthy too!).
With our families and a sister non-profit, Maternal Mental Health Now, we passed out blue dot balloons to families with young children.  The balloons included informational palm-cards tied to them which could be removed and held onto.

It was incredible to see blue dot balloons dot the walk.  We knew we were raising awareness in a very meaningful way.

Expanding Walks in 2017 and Beyond
In partnership with the March of Dimes, NCMMH plans to expand our efforts to raise money for both maternal mental health and the MOD, and see walking/awareness teams form all over the country.
Learn more about whether your community hosts an annual March of Dimes walk here.
Information will be forthcoming about how to order balloons and palm-cards for your team's efforts.

If you are interested in forming a maternal mental health walking/awareness team, please let us know.